Hack to Win !!

30 11 2006



The prize is PS3 …and to prove to the world that you are a geek !!
give it a try …!

The truth about problem solving !

29 11 2006

problem solving flow sheet

Zune , The new Ipod killa ?

26 11 2006

Zune is a Microsoft brand of portable media players, associated software, and an online service for acquiring and sharing media. The first Zune hardware device was released to the U.S. market as a 30 GB model on November 14, 2006, with a price tag of $249.99.

Zune Review
Zune on WikiPedia

Variables … Why they write/type them this way anyway ?

24 11 2006


Been doing a lil reasearch about variables naming and naming space in programming language , i finally found what i was looking for , a good article about variables naming convention… thought I’d share :

In computer programming, a naming convention is a set of rules for choosing the character sequence to be used for identifiers in source code and documentation.

Reasons for using a naming convention (as opposed to allowing programmers to choose any character sequence) include the following:

  • to make source code easier to read and understand with less effort;
  • to enhance source code appearance (for example, by disallowing overly long names or abbreviations);

The choice of naming conventions can be an enormously controversial issue, with partisans of each holding theirs to be the best and others to be inferior.

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saw em “parachuters” today .. yay !!

24 11 2006


I was leaving out of the Diplomatic area today , saw something flying in the air , looks like they had a rare fan !
UFOs? not 😀

they were promoting for the election  as you can see , couldn’t take much pictures though ,the traffic light turned green upon my first shot .

hehe , Bahrain um el milion na’7ala (past), i mean um el milion Traffic light(s)(present) !!!

OMG this guy is good !!

22 11 2006

okay , 3D to animation to film making to special effects …
this guy or shall i say Vancouver film school is really good at this.

Bahrain Bay , You Must have a look !!

21 11 2006

Bahrain Bay

Creative design idea & Presentation , click on the following link , wait for it to load then hoverover Master plan & click on Video tour … Dont forget to turn your Speakers on .

Bahrain Bay